2019 Update

Hey Friends!

I will be working on keeping this updated as much as possible in the future as I plan to really work this bad boy into the dream version of it.

In the past we met many hurdles and walls that the company was ill suited to tackling at the time; this led to us canceling all of the projects that we had running at the time and leaving all of our fans in the air.

I will be working to revive some of those projects and bring new shows to the network. I love podcasting and feel this is my life’s goal. So, I am working on making each project as lean as humanly possible without cutting any of the creative value out of the shows. This will allow me to take a more passive role in a lot of the shows coming to the network, acting as more of a guiding light and mentor to the podcaster’s of the future network.

I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support you have shown us.
-Devin the bard

Devin Steffens
Welcome to the Bard Podcast Network

Good day friends, 

We are super stoked that you found your way to our little brand and hope you check out some of our shows.

We are the new kid on the block and as such have a lot to prove to the world. We will work diligently to make friends in the business and the community to bring new fresh content to you on a regular basis from our ever growing family of shows. Highlight that word, "friends." I don't just want listeners and avid fans, I want friends. People who like to hang out with us and show us off to the family; those who will take us on vacation; those who need advice to get through the day; those who need a laugh and know where to turn; we want a family of friends rather than just a listener base.

If you do want to join our growing family then here is where you can find ways to connect with us on a deeper level:

  • Check us out on social media and engage with us - liking our stuff is perfectly fine, but we love getting engaged in debate or simple conversation. Our shows each have their own set of social accounts so you can engage with the one you want to. Check 'em out on
    • Instagram @damesnotdamsels, @diceytales, @college_lore, @bard_podcast
    • Facebook under the show's name or /bardpodcast to stay up to date with all of our shows in one place.
    • Twitter @bard_podcast, @damesnotdamsels, @diceytales, @collegeoflore
  • Rate and Review our shows wherever you may find your podcasts. This opens us up to larger audiences and allows more people to join our growing family. 
  • Support us on Redbubble.com. We will be working hard to present new designs for purchase every month! Be sure to get your swag over at:
    • www.redbubble.com/people/bardpodcast

Beyond that, plugin and adventure on. 

I look forward to talking to you all in the future,

Devin, The Bard



Devin Steffens
The Bard Website

We are are excited to announce the launch of our new website! We will be adding news about what we are up to here! Please check back for more!

Laura Levin